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Sup folks?

2014-03-23 10:56:59 by mikemetroid5565

Sucks to see Youtube really taking content away from newgrounds, but my support is still here. heres a selfie with me and Hans (under the influence of drunkness)1102174_139558661822_n.jpg

Blah blah blah

2010-01-15 20:14:35 by mikemetroid5565

Blah blah blah?

Post your blah!

I wish my Profile picture turned out better.

Almost been a year since my last post

Its late.

2008-12-31 02:28:01 by mikemetroid5565

So I made this! Its pretty simple... but whattevahh. Working on my Voice. LhrA

Last Piece of cake

2007-08-20 13:04:24 by mikemetroid5565

How the hell do you Beat the last piece of cake? its too hard!!!